Firework of Ideas

Firework of Ideas

  • Customized performances for your event
  • Entertainment for your foreign costumers
  • Riddles and quizzes for teambuilding
  • Creative support programmes for your gala
  • Personalized plays as a birthday gift
  • Historic moviescript contentHow you can use the historical figures?

Storytelling in its most effective formCountess Fuchs, Johann Strauss or any other historical figure chosen by you, will add liveliness and entertainment to your event. They can act as a recurring theme or play the moderator.

Thus they can also be used to elaborate on the historical building or the history of your company.

By embedding your contents in a completely new context the audience will be immediately captured by your message.

Erlebnistheater will make your information shine in a new light and engage with your audience from their individual standpoint.

Examples of possible programs:

  • Viennese Lifestyle Course – Vienna offers a very unique way of life, that everybody can benefit from
  • Entertaining and interactive fan-school– learn the refined and subtle way of communication between men and women
  • Spanish Court Ceremonial – the peculiar and fascinating world of interacting with the court and the Emperor
  • Hand-Kissing – where does it originate from and how to perfect it
  • Coffeehouse Culture – follow the Viennese coffee culture throughout the times and be initiated into this unique lifestyle